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Frequently Asked Questions

1] What is Zombie Juice made out of?:
Zombie Juice and all of its affiliated lines are made from pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and liquid nicotine. Our flavorings are all made from food grade ingredients and are sourced from USA based companies.

2] What are Pg/Vg Ratios:
Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratios are the amount of vg and pg in your eliquid. Basically, the more VG your fluid has the more vapor it produces, but this also means it is substantially thicker. Higher amounts of PG means your fluid is thinner and it also tends to be more flavorful. We recommend if you are using a RDA, RTA, RBA or Sub Ohm you should use high vg fluid if you are using a regular ohm coil you should use higher PG fluids. Our house blend for regular tanks is 60%pg 40%vg.

3] What are Nicotine Levels:
The term nicotine level refers to the percentage of nicotine your e-liquid contains. For regular fluid we offer 0mg (no nicotine), 6mg (very little nicotine), 12mg (a little nicotine), 18mg (a medium amount of nicotine), and 24mg (a high amount of nicotine). For Dripper fluid (High VG) we offer 0mg(no nicotine), 3mg (very little nicotine), and 6mg (a little nicotine)

4] What's the difference between regular and dripper fluid:
The difference between Dripper Fluid and Regular fluid is the density of your juice. Dripper fluid is thick, with little nicotine. Regular fluid is thinner with more range of nicotine.

5] Why is dripper fluid only available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg?:
6] Shipping?:
When will your order be shipped?:
  • Generally, we ask that you give us two - three days to ship your order. This is because we make each bottle of your order by hand.
What days do we ship?
  • Since we base our business in Cheney, WA we have to go by the post office hours out here. So we ship, Monday - Friday 10am - 5 pm
I didn't get my tracking number:
    • First, make sure that your tacking number isn't in your spam mail box. Sometimes, they go through the spam filter. We aren't sure why that happens
    • Okay, so you checked in your spam folder and your tracking number isn't there. Well, if that's the case go ahead and e-mail our production team at production@zomjuice.com, Monica (our production manager) will locate your tracking number and send it to you.
  • I didn't get my order:
    • If you didn't get your order let us know. Please, provide your order number and we will resend it. Email us at production@zomjuice.com
    When will my order get to me?:
    • Your order will get to you generally when your tacking number says it will. Once it leaves our facility and goes into the hands of USPS we can only refer to your tracking number
    Can I get my order from a different carrier service?:
    • Currently, No, but keep checking with us.
    Can you Ship to my APO/FPO:
    • Yes, we can. Unless, we are told otherwise we can ship to you. Let us know if we need a customs form.
    Can you Ship to my Country?:
    • Please, email us before placing an order if you live outside of the US. We will check if we can ship to you.
    Do I get Tracking with my order? :
    • You do! All our orders come with free tracking with the exception of APO/FPO boxes that require customs sheets.
    Why do I need to sign for my packages now and are charged for this? :
    • Due to the new Washington state law that is coming effect Aug 1 2016 we are required by law in Washington state or any other state to have you sign for your packages stating you are of legal age to receive the package. USPS charges us $5.95 per package. Unfortunately we have to pass this cost onto our customers

    7] I live outside of Washington, am I being charged taxes?:
    Unless, otherwise stated you will not be charged taxes outside of Washington state

    8] Wholesale:
    If you have questions about wholesale please, visit out wholesale information page at www.zomjuice.com/wholesaleinfo.html

    9] Can I get a discount?:
    Most likely no, but check our facebook page. Sometimes we post coupon codes for special sales or discounts.

    10] Can I get bigger bottles?:
    If you would like something bigger than a 35ml bottle email us. We will do our best to accommodate you.